It looks like Apple decided to drop support for their full-screen Mac media center application, Front Row. Front Row is just like the old Apple TV software and presents all your media in a full screen view. Whether that be videos, photos, songs, or movie trailers, it’s there. According to the developer preview of Lion, that won’t be the case in Apple’s next-generation Mac operating system launching this Summer.

We don’t know why Apple made the change and with the new full-screen application functionality, hopefully Apple is working on a cool, new implementation with the built-in iTunes application. Perhaps Apple will also use the change to promote their latest $99 Apple TV, which has the same functionality as Front Row, but much more, too. Front Row is still an application in Snow Leopard, Leopard, and some Tiger machines. Thanks, Mike T.

Keep in mind this is a preview/beta so Apple could bring this back before the actual release. Hopefully the new Front Row is cloudier.

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