Jonny Ive, the design mastermind behind all of Apple’s decade plus of hit products, often gives some credit for being inspired by Dieter Rams.

Now, it appears that Ive has ventured into the writing world by penning the foreword to Rams’ latest book called As Little Design As Possible: The Work of Dieter Rams

This comprehensive monograph covers both Rams’ life and his work, as well as his ideas on good design, which continue to inspire designers and consumers today. A personal foreword by Jonathan Ive evokes the influence that Rams has had on his own work and, by extention, the objects with which so many of us share our everyday lives.

Rams conversely has stated that he has profound respect for the work Ive has done at Apple.  In Gary Hustwit’s 2009 documentary film Objectified, Rams states that Apple is the only company designing products according to Rams’ ten principles to “good design”. (video below)

The book is set to be released in two days and is available from Amazon for $56 in the US or Phaiden in the UK.

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