Update: Parallels asked us to remove this article but there is plenty of evidence out there that Parallels 9 is coming September 5th

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8 Responses to “Parallels 9 details”

  1. shareef777 says:

    They better bring something worthwhile. My last update from 7 to 8 only brought bug fixes, which shouldn’t be something I have to pay for!


  2. I like Parallels, but I am really tired about their yearly 50 dollar upgrade plan. “But you are not forced to buy”. Actually, you are usually forced to buy since latest Windows/OSX does not work with the former version.

    I feel used by Parallels. Have payed for 4 versions in 6 year. Many of these upgrades should have been 0.1 updates.


  3. (whatever there was in this article before it was deleted, i don’t expect anything Major) and I can’t agree more with the comments on the upgrade policy of parallels, it’s ridiculous when the new OS X upgrade price is roughly 20$ (in the case of ML) and parallels upgrade to support that OS is 50$ !!!! and VMware Fusion isn’t any better…… I think am kissing windows virtualization on Mac bye bye !


    • smigit says:

      I don’t mind the price given it is Parallels sole revenue point. They don’t sell hardware or have an App Store to pick up additional revenue.

      That said, if cost is a concern you can always try Virtual Box which is free. It’s not as nice a product as Parallels or Fusion, but depending on your needs it may do the job and certainly it’ll save you money.


  4. makeitso1 says:

    Offensive implied, but this scam crap with the paid upgrades is exactly why “SOME PEOPLE” tend to “borrow” Parallels of of “certain websites.” And they asked you to remove an article and you complied? Ouch. Freedom of press, ignored!


  5. Yeah, I’m not going to be wasting money on this either. VirtualBox is free.


  6. I just installed Parallels 9 and so far I’m not very impressed. Actually some of the changes are the opposite to what I would like. Here is a short list of complaints.

    Can’t hide the taskbar in coherence mode. The menu option for this does nothing. It is broken. It says show the taskbar when it is already there. I opened a case with support and they told me to reinstall which has not fixed the problem. I am waiting to hear back from them on what to do next.

    When I maximize a window (non full-screen app) it goes to a new full screen mode that removes the title bar from the windows and it maximizes under the dock!! In 8 when you did this it would recognize the doc was not hidden and stop at the edge of the doc. Why would anyone want the dock covering the edge of their application?

    Having copy and paste issues.

    I really hope parallels releases an update soon that fixes all of this!!