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Twelve South today debuted a new stand for Apple’s MacBook laptops. The GhostStand has a unique design – a major departure from Twelve South’s HiRise stand (full review here) – that is completely transparent.

GhostStand is a transparent, ultra-modern platform–and a brilliant work of art– that elevates MacBook to a more comfortable viewing height. Pair your MacBook with a full-size keyboard and mouse, then set it on GhostStand to enjoy desktop style comfort at home or work. While GhostStand makes it look like your MacBook is floating in midair, two sets of soft silicone rails keep your Mac safely grounded to this affordable lucite stand.

The accessory is built to somewhat turn a laptop into a desktop by raising your MacBook’s display about 6 inches from your desk. This gives a user space to attach a keyboard and mouse. The GhostStand costs $34.99 and we will have a review in the coming days.

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6 Responses to “Twelve South launches transparent ‘GhostStand’ to elevate MacBooks”

  1. Aren’t arrows supposed to point upwards? (as in packing boxes)


  2. Paul Threatt says:

    I might consider this as a portable option when I don’t want to lug my Rain Design mStand around, but I can’t tell if it folds flat or disassembles into two pieces. There’s no indication in their FAQ or promo materials. I’ve e-mailed 12 South to find out.


  3. Twelve South.. The undisputed champion of overpriced and mostly unnecessary Apple accessories.


  4. Faked Book says:

    WTF? I can’t post a reply while logged in using Facebook? I get redirected and told to log in to WordPress. Fucking lame. I’m not going to sign up and give my information to every different site that I’d like to comment on. Hence: Faked Book. Soon, we won’t be able to comment on most websites without proving who we are. Doing so is a security risk for us all. Our information is stolen by hackers, bought and sold more times than you’d be comfortable knowing. The more places that force you to sign up to do anything, the more at risk we become. Privacy is becoming extinct.

    Anyhow, to answer Paul’s question, my powers of observation suggest that it is two pieces that lock together in the middle.