After Sonny Dickson posted credible photos of an iPad 5 front panel yesterday, he’s now got hold of the claimed rear casing (which we first showed you back in January) and put the two together. Now all he needs is a screen, a touch-panel, a few buttons, a battery, some circuit boards …

More photos below … 

The mating of the two doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know: the new iPad, expected to be launched around October (not September), will look like a scaled-up iPad Mini, with thinner bezels on the sides. As we mentioned then, the tablet is also expected to borrow the film-based touch panel from the Mini to reduce thickness and weight.

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7 Responses to “Parts leaker puts iPad 5 front panel on iPad 5 back, 1% of the way to DIY iPad”

  1. Hmm. “We’ll double down on secrecy”, doesn’t seem to have worked all that well for Tim Cook, huh?


    • 2x zero secrecy is still zero secrecy, so it could be working for them.


    • Hopefully the “double down” is something else in the pipeline being the big secret, It’s inevitable for the iPad and iPhone to have a Successor, technology evolves, but to bring out something total new and have it under wraps til announcement, now that’s what we are hoping for. But we know how hard that would be. I would figure they would have to build it completely in house, announce it for later release longer then normal, then mass produce it so if parts leak who would really care more the companies like ifixit. But I dunno about that stuff I’m just a fan of technology.


      • rahhbriley says:

        MaRio, my thoughts on the matter are more in line with your train of thought. New products will get this doubling down. Expected upgrades would be less efficient to try to keep under wraps. However, a note about the 5S, where’s the finger print sensor home button? I’ve not missed a post about it have I? We feel pretty confidant based on other evidence it will be included, but haven’t seen leaked parts, that’s a level of secrecy that has been archived. I’d would have expected to see one by now.


  2. Paul Threatt says:

    Nice chamfered edge, like the iPhone 5. I didn’t see that in earlier leak images.


  3. I laughed with this one! Yet, if Apple introduces something unseen next year, say an Apple TV with an actual TV attached on it, and no-one has ever seen it, then sacrificing an iPad bezel and an iPhone gold and some iPhone C’s in order to keep the sneaky ones away from the main attraction would have been a sacrifice well worth, right?


  4. rahhbriley says:

    And what’s the deal with 9to5 and Sonny? Each article seems to slight him just a bit.