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Apple didn’t announce these at the keynote today, but you can finally buy first-party docks for your iPhone again. The iPhone 5s and 5c docks are now available on the Apple Store. The ship date is currently unknown but they will be available in stores on the 20th for $29 each. The 5s dock will also work with the iPhone 5.

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5 Responses to “Apple gets back in the iPhone dock game with 5c and 5s docks”

  1. trombone1994 says:

    Any ideas as to why 5 will only be compatible with the 5S dock and not the c? casing? voltages or other power specs?


  2. Max Sandis says: works with every iPhone and with any case. Made of Aluminum with many colors and finishes to match your iPhone.


  3. Timo Genzen says:

    so cool that docks are finally back in apple’s portfolio


  4. Paul Walters says:

    If you use a off brand cord to charge your iPhone, it might work for awhile. Then you start getting an error “the cord is not a compatible cord” and it will not charge or transmit data. A new low for Apple. In order to charge their product you must use a Apple cord. I no longer have a Apple product.