You can now watch the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c announcements for yourself, as Apple has just made the full video from today’s press conference available on its website. During the event, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Craig Federighi discussed new features and software on stage, while Jony Ive and Dan Riccio talked the new Touch ID Fingerprint sensor and camera system during pre-recorded videos.

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8 Responses to “You can now watch Apple’s September 10 iPhone event in its entirety online”

  1. Once again, underwhelmed. No longer anticipate the keynotes the way I used to and no longer am I really impressed with anything they say. Thankfully the devices still work better than any other….hopefully to continue. I never realized how good the Jobs days were until 2 keynotes from Cook. Just meh.


  2. Amazing presentation.

    64-bit architecture, new OS, 2x boost in processing, 2x boost in graphics, dedicated chip for tracking motion data, amazing camera features, fingerprint ID sensor built in to the home button…I think these products will be a hit. I’m pre-ordering the iPhone 5S and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

    You’re truly spoiled if you’re underwhelmed.


  3. Apple is becoming the Pre-bailout GM. what a shame.


    • It is. It’s a very real shame they are looking like sellouts. I know they know what they’re doing, I just think it stinks that this is where the marketing is taking them. I love the hardware, but I’m not a lemming. They want my residual income, it’s going to cost them in design and product quality, which, if these goofy plastics and colors are any indication, is going right in the toilet. Still, as long as they keep the high end stuff the same, I can’t say I’m jumping ship. I hope iOS7 is not as hideous as it looks online.


  4. Schiller looks not just more nervous than usual – he looks depressed like a kid who knows he’s failing the test.

    What’s going on? Had he just realized he should have done anything, just anything about 5c price expectations?

    And Ive is becoming a parody of himself.

    But hey! Apart from that, the 5s space grey is amazing!!!


    • True. I have always felt sorry for Schiller for some reason. He always looks like somebody who has been beaten up or something. As for the “parody” comment, yea, right on, like it’s just a script from the previous administration that they hope will work with buzz words during lack of content. Oh well, it’s not like I’m NOT going to buy the iPhone 6, so what the heck. :)