The iPhone 5s repair experts at iFixyouri sent along this one, above ^.

‘Android Authority’ seemed to enjoy themselves a little too much in theirs…

TechSmartt too:

We’ll update with more as they come in.

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6 Responses to “Here come the iPhone 5s and 5c ‘drop tests’ [video]”

  1. What is this guy talking about. First video when dropping the 5S bottom first, you can see the glass comes out a bit more then the other side. Unless i am really blind, its doing it.


  2. the 5c cracked screen is fake on the first video. if you look at the slo-mo footage its fine but when he picks it up its all smashed


  3. Well, at least scuffgate is over :D!


  4. Here’s another one that popped up even before all those drop tests. The 5S vs the Galaxy S4.


  5. Ian Weir says:

    I really want to see an article on a battery test compared to the original iPhone 5 and subsequent iPhone 4’s. If the battery can’t stand up to the tests that a busy person throws at the iPhone 5s then it ain’t worth buying.


  6. I fucking hate these videos….