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6 Responses to “A tribute to the iPhone 5S line waiters [video]”

  1. No one can understand it -> this is not about “witing in line for phone”, this is WORLD EVENT! No one ask you, why you go to baseball match, … why someone is asking “why we are there”?


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    So stupid. Why do any humans do the things they do? It’s called living one’s life. Everyone does different things for different reasons. Why are there wars? Why are there murders? Why do humans tell lies?


  3. PMZanetti says:

    As silly as it is…there are far worse things than waiting in line for something.


  4. Cj Macintosh says:

    I really bet that is a real pick up line to say to a woman , wow I waited in line for 10 hours to get this phone , can I have your number , That has to really work I bet ! I heard they are giving away a free beanie baby to all you I-phone buyers standing in the long lines , I bet you can’t wait, I my self am holding out for the Tickle Elmo offer !