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A leaked AppleCare+ document reveals that Apple plans to tweak the program for international travelers later this week. The changes will allow iPhone 5 owners who travel out of the country in which they purchased their phone to receive replacement devices from international Apple retail stores and authorized repair centers.

The updated policy covers customers traveling to Brazil, China, India, Korea, the Middle East, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the United States Canada, and more. A chart indicates which countries are able to replace specific versions of the iPhone 5 (GSM, CDMA, etc.). For example, only the version with the model number A1428 can be serviced in Brazil, while China can only replace the A1429, A1429 (MM), and A1442 variations.

If you’re interested in learning where your iPhone 5 can be serviced while traveling, the full document is available below. The changes to the program go into effect on September 27th.

Thanks, Sonny!

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2 Responses to “AppleCare+ to cover iPhone 5 customers while traveling internationally starting Friday”

  1. trey992 says:

    hell yes it’s ridiculous this wasn’t covered beforehand. studying abroad currently and will finally be covered if something goes wrong


  2. I wonder if China includes Hong Kong. Last year I was directed by a misinformed Applecare representative to try and have my A1428 iPhone 5 replaced in Hong Kong, only to be told that they do not have that model when I got there (from Taiwan!). That would match up with the chart if Hong Kong was included in China, but that’s not particularly clear here.