Amusing Twitter feed this evening from domestic entrepreneur Martha Stewart on the dropping of her iPad and the subsequent hushing she got from Apple PR. It appears that she got the iPad from Steve Jobs (so I’ll go ahead and assume it is a few years old) and I guess she expects Apple to pick it up and fix it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.17.25 PM

Here’s what I’d do: I’d have one of my people take it to the Apple Store or and get it fixed. While they are out, have them get a new iPad that Steve Jobs didn’t get for you and use that day to day. When the Steve Jobs iPad comes back, put it somewhere safe.

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22 Responses to “Martha Stewart shatters the iPad that Steve Jobs gave her, wonders if Apple will come pick it up”

    • Todd Schild says:

      O My God. Martha is a lazy cow. And doesn’t deserve to have been given this gift from Steve. Tell her to go my another one. Besides, Apple won’t fix it, they will replace it, so no matter, it’s gone. Personally, I’d rather she use the Surface, it sucks, just like her!!


  1. Well, that’s the problem with being a Prima donna, isn’t it? It’s all about HER.


  2. Faked Book says:

    Wow… “Let them eat cake” comes to mind.. what a disconnect.


  3. RP says:

    You’re drunk Martha, go home.


  4. andreww500 says:

    Is this real life?


  5. ifunography says:

    What a stupid b***h.

    Too much fame + too much money = not enough common sense


  6. Oh Martha, you are the most ADORABLY naive of America’s out-of-touch super-rich!


  7. jimmyboi2 says:

    You bozoes! She was kidding ! Come on… she didn’t really expect anyone to come pick it up! Sheesh! Lighten up!!


  8. Didn’t they teach her any manners, inside?


  9. SunbeamRapier says:

    Unless she has royalty in her line she is just a pretend princess…


  10. What are such people good for? Absolutely nothing…


  11. Jeff DeMaagd says:

    To be passed off as a joke, shouldn’t it at least be funny? I re-read it a few times and it just strikes me as sad as a Microsoft marketing campaign.


  12. Yeah, I tend to think this was an attempt at humor of some sort, just not funny at all.


  13. jimgramze says:

    I just woke up and I’m hungry. Shall I ring the maid to instruct the chef, and if so should I get dressed or have breakfast in bed? And if I go out to eat, was it the Bentley or the Rolls for daytime; will the chauffeur really just know? I could try to make myself something but then I’d have to locate the kitchen. Why does my assistant have to take vacations? I have more important things to worry about than what to do once I wake up!


  14. How can she not have at least five personal assistants with the money she makes to handle stuff like this…why the fuck would she tweet about it and expect apple to come and “pick it up” — seriously? Do these people live in a bubble or what…


  15. Like Andres Serrano complaining about water damage to a crucifix given to him by the Pope.


  16. unnamedandu says:

    Does she have some mental problem or she’s just stupid?