Photo: Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

CNBC has tweeted that Tim Cook and Carl Icahn are to meet in NY on Monday.

There’s no more information than that, but Icahn is known to favour further expansion of Apple’s stock buy-back program, where Apple buys its own stock. Every share the company repurchases means one less dividend payment to make, increasing the value of the stock and potentially allowing for dividend payments to be increased.

Icahn took an undisclosed “large position” in Apple last month, rumored to be in excess of $1B. He tweeted at the time that he’d had a “nice conversation” with Cook, but it is believed this is the first time the two have met since the investment.

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3 Responses to “Tim Cook to meet with major investor Carl Icahn in NYC on Monday”

  1. Apple Insider, come on?


  2. rettun1 says:

    They should make like dell and do a full buyback