Even with the iPad Air announcement, the iPad 2 will remain the lineup for $399.

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3 Responses to “iPad 2 lives on for $399”

  1. Jim Phong says:

    They should have put the iPad 4 at $399 …not the now ancient outdated iPad 2 !


    • latinoboyboy says:

      Actually, it’s ok they kept it. Maybe they should’ve put an A6 in it, but the reason they keep the iPad 2 is because of the Retina Display. Since the iPad 4 has a Retina Display, it’s more expensive than the display of the iPad 2. What they should have done was throw out the iPad 2 and keep the regular iPad mini for $299, that would have been a better line up in my opinion.


      • latinoboyboy says:

        Scratch that…. they did keep the regular iPad Mini. Guess they shouldn’t have kept a lower cost full sized and just had the Retina iPad Mini as the middle range. It’s stupid to have a dinosaur competing with a top of the line product. The iPad 2 has worse specs than the 5th generation iPod Touch!