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Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have been updated on the Mac App Store. Each app is $19.99, unless you’re upgrading to a new Mac or from a previous MAS version. Those who purchased box versions of iWork (back in the day) will need to pay the upgrade costs.

Apple announced the new iWork and iLife in a press release and during the keynote earlier today.

Update: For those with boxed/retail versions of iWork, Apple is slowly rolling out the ability to upgrade for free. Keep checking your “Updates” tab in the Mac App Store. If you already made a purchase today, you can hit “Report a Problem” in the Account section of the Store and request a refund.

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13 Responses to “Updated iWork apps now available in the Mac App Store”

  1. Unfortunately they’re not free for faithful Mac users who bought their Mac a couple years ago.


  2. Dang! I would have to pay to upgrade! I bought a iWork DVD a while ago!


    • Scott Buscemi says:

      I paid for the upgraded Pages since I use that a lot and the collaboration could be cool. I’ll be paying for the updated iLife apps.


  3. Ryan says:

    So, has anyone else noticed the old iWork on mac isn’t compatible with new iOS iWork via iCloud? Basically I can’t access any documents I created on my iPad on my iMac unless I spend the $20/per app. That really blows….


  4. I’m confused as to why they would punish users that purchased their software before the Mac App Store existed. That software is no different than the versions that were available in the app store. Why would someone, who already purchased software, have to purchase it again? Software that, by the way, is now free for anyone who purchases a new device. It makes no sense. Hoping Apple changes their stance on this.


  5. talked to apple support. they are having some issue with update of existing DVD installed ilife and iwork. should be resolved by tomorrow latest. be patient.

    we will get updates. apple never disowns its past loyal customers.


  6. U all saying u can’t upgrade for free because u bought a mac awhile ago and so on… well.. My mac is from 2010 and I got the iWork suite in 2009 – I just upgraded for free…


  7. I paid for the upgrade to pages and numbers last night through the App store (Had the original 2009 DVD install of iWork with my 2009 iMac). Did not do Keynote and that upgraded free this morning. Clicked ‘Report a problem’ in the app store receipt to ask for refund as the upgrade should have been free for pages and numbers, and Apple responded saying ‘All Purchases are final and refunds will not be given’ even though the update would have been free if I had waited 12 hours.

    Being a long term Apple customer, I have to say I am surprised at this attitude. That they will happily take £13.99 per App last night knowing they would offer them free 12 hours later and not offer a refund.


  8. The upgrades are indeed free, even if you bought them on a disc. I had iWork and iLife originally from a disc, and after I signed out of the store then back in, the free updates showed up.

    For those who paid for the updates and didn’t need to, other people are saying they were issued refunds.