Looking for an iPhone dock that fits in with your other Apple products and keeps your desk clear of clutter? We’ve got one OCDock or OCDock mini to give away to a lucky 9to5Mac reader.

The OCDock mounts fits beneath your iMac or Cinema Display and attaches to the stand, keeping it in place right in front of you when you need it. A flat USB cable runs beneath the stand to the back of the computer, allowing you to keep your phone charged without having to run cables everywhere.

The regular OCDock is designed to fit all Lightning-equipped iPhones without having to remove the case. If you use your phone without a case, you’ll want to take a look at the mini version, which takes up less space.

If you’re looking to protect your iPhone, we have even more good news. Two other readers will each win an OCGlass for iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c. The OCGlass is an easy-to-apply (and remove) protective screen for your iPhone that’s as scratch-resistant as sapphire. The OCGlass also sports an oleophobic coating like that of the iPhone screen to prevent fingerprints and smudges.

Want to win one of these prizes? Just visit OCDesk.com and comment below telling us which product is your favorite.

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291 Responses to “Giveaway: Win an OCDock or OCGlass for iPhone from OCDesk”

  1. The OCDock Mini is certainly a great compliment to the iMac’s sleek finish and design. A great place to hold my iPhone while on the computer! Thanks, 9to5Mac!

  2. I have wanted an OCDock since I saw it on Kickstarter. Sadly, I missed out on it, but would love to have one. Thanks for the giveaway 9to5!

  3. Matt Frank says:

    OCDock Mini for the win – minimal and functional.

  4. Hans Peter says:

    I would like to win the OCDock mini.

  5. Would be great to win OCDock Glass, I own the OCDock, the dock is awesome product. If the OCGlass is anything like the dock in quality then we have another great product by the OCDesk team.

  6. I would love an OCDock, it’s awesome!

  7. alishami says:

    Ocdock is really useful, I would like to win.

  8. Bonnie Lewis says:

    love the dock. possibly cleaning up my work area is the added bonus. Thanks!

  9. Yuri Teyf says:

    would love the OCDock, thanks

  10. The OCDock looks very elegant. Its nice to see companies thinking about hiding those ugly cables. Well Done!

  11. Would love to win either of these! Thanks, 9to5Mac!

  12. The OC Dock mini looks great. Missed the Kickstarter-Campaign. :(

  13. Would love to have the OCDock!

  14. winncity says:

    OCDock mini fo sho.

  15. ocdock (not mini) is the best!

  16. thekarram says:

    The OCDock looks elegant and sleek, a product Apple would be proud to sell. An ingenious idea, and very helpful in ridding clutter from my desk.

  17. Matthew Pike says:

    OCDock mini, just to hide the only cable i have

  18. OCDock looks amazing, simple and beautiful.

  19. Adam Dweck says:

    Definitely OCDock, super cool!

  20. Mark Jimenez says:

    The OC dock mini… Functional, minimal, and I could use it for both the iPhone and iPad mini

  21. fsdragon says:

    OCDock all the way!

  22. Chris K says:

    the OCDock is my fav.

  23. OCDock Glass; nothing’s better than glass.

  24. OCGlass is an ultimate product that helps you to keep your iPhone neat and protected…

  25. Greg Mills says:

    I love the OCDock. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Jib Rung says:

    I like OCDock Mini.

  27. The OCDock is the perfect companion for my iPhone and my iPod touch I think.

  28. Rui Silva says:

    I Love the OCGlass. Slim and perfectly fitting the beautiful design of the iPhone. And of course it’s pretty useful as well, as resistant as sapphire !! :) Thanks a lot for this giveaway!!

  29. OCDock mini seems like a perfect companion for my iMac.

  30. Both the OCDock and the OCDock Mini are beautifully designed. Since I have a case on my iPhone, the OC Dock would make more sense for me. I also love all of their iPhone cases. The metal and glass of the iPhone, along with the wood of the case makes for a wonderful combination!

  31. The OCDock looks great and I’ve been thinking of getting one since I saw it on Kickstarter.

  32. OCDesk MINI for the win :-) thank you

  33. Adrian Lu says:

    OCGlass is a product I’ve been waiting for. That’s my pick!

  34. Swayam Suri says:

    I really like the OCGlass. The minimalism and design is fantastic.

  35. The OCDesk, it would look nice with my iMac, whereas I don’t drop/scratch my iPhone.

  36. OCDock would definitely rock. A beautiful addition in the most elegant position. To cradle my iPhone as a king upon his throne. Sitting right in front of me, right where it should be. I cannot deny, OCDesk has caught my eye. lol.. okay okay. It’s late. Amateur Wayne Brady hour is over. But these products are cool and well thought out. Thanks for being you 9to5!

  37. I would like to win the OCDock mini.

  38. I like the OCDock the best as my phone rarely leaves the case. The Bolivian Rosewood case is stunning as well.

  39. Ohman the OCD Dock mini, is just what I am looking for.

  40. Matthew Reid says:

    OCGlass is much better.

  41. Thanks for the giveaway! My preference would be the standard OCDock, thanks!!

  42. OCD Dock Mini design is more appealing.

  43. I like the OCDock the most!

  44. audiofader says:

    I want the OCDock. Looks awesome and functional.

  45. OC Dock Mini please. It looks amazing.

  46. The OCDock looks fantastic – it would look really great on my desk!

  47. I’d love to use an OCDock for my desk. My desk is messy as it is, and I don’t need more cords in my life.

  48. Backed OCDock on Kickstarter. The OCDock is great and would love another one for another computer..

  49. Dan Herring says:

    The OCDock Mini would sure help me out!

  50. Donna Evans says:

    it’s down to either getting a case or a screen protector, though to be honest I prefer having a screen protector than a case because i don’t like bulking up my phones plus cases can be so pricey too. In the other hand, screen protectors are lightweight and inexpensive if you know which one to get. You can pick a GEARMAXX screen protector for cheap…They sell on ebay and are high quality, lightweight and durable!

  51. Davis Poole says:

    Amazing design. I too hate that I missed it on Kickstarter but glad to see that they are moving forward with momentum. Would love to win one.

  52. Never won anything..This iPhone looks real slick.. Send me one anyway!!

  53. the OCDock mini is my favorite!