Apple’s 2014 Lucky Bags went on sale in Japan today. The sale is an annual tradition in which Apple sells bags full of assorted Apple products and accessories, with buyers not knowing what they’re actually getting until they look inside. This year’s bags cost ¥36,000, which comes out to around $340.

The bags this year come with one of a few different sets, as reported by Macotakara. Every bag includes an Incase City Collection Compact backpack, which costs $99.95 on its own. The backpack is a special edition that was apparently created for the Lucky Bag sale, and features accents that are the same red color as the actual bag.

Also included in most bags is a T-shirt like the one in the photo above. There are apparently a few different designs floating around. We don’t have an exact retail price for that shirt, but we’re going to go out on a limb and estimate that the majority of the bag’s value is not found in this shirt. The last of the common items is a Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. Like the Incase backpack, the Juice Pack has been specially designed to match the Lucky Bags.

Then we get to the good stuff. There are four different kinds of Lucky Bag for sale, each with a different Apple product and a set of accessories to go with it. One of the bags contains an 11-inch MacBook Air, while another comes with a Wi-Fi-only iPad Air (presumably 16 GB).

The third type of bag includes a new Wi-Fi iPad mini (apparently not the Retina model), and a few accessories:

The final bag being sold this year comes with an iPod nano and the following accessories:

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18 Responses to “Here’s what’s inside Apple’s $340 Japanese Lucky Bags this year”

  1. Me want lucky bag here in America


  2. macmaniman says:

    so you’re eather extremely happy or extremely disappointed….
    and why offer a MBA and not a retina mini…


  3. aeronperyton says:

    Not rich enough to plunk down $350 on a mystery bag. But I definitely want to do this next year.


  4. With those prices, everyone comes out a winner so thats nice.


  5. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    A true pig in a poke. No thanks.


  6. Dang, an 11″ Macbook Air for $340 is a freaking steal


  7. pecospeet says:

    It would be interesting to know the percentage of bags of each type. I presume that there are less than 25% of the MBA and greater than 25% of the iPod nano. Even so, unless you already own most of the tech stuff you want, there appears to be value in buying a bag, if you have the funds available.


  8. PMZanetti says:

    How can one bag have a MacBook Air or iPad…and another have an iPod Nano? You’re getting ripped off it you get the Nano bag, or winning tremendously with the other.


  9. holy moly, that’s a pretty good deal at worst, a great snag at best.


  10. Federico B says:

    Capitalism FTW! Buying sh*t you don’t need without even knowing what they are.