Much like it has done in recent years, Apple’s annual ‘Lucky Bag’ sale through Apple retail stores is about to kick off in Japan. The tradition is something that many retailers in the country take part in by offering a mystery bag of goods that are often sold for much less than the total sum of the goods inside. This year the lucky bag sale at Apple retail stores in the country will officially kick off on January 2, as highlighted on its website

We’ll have to wait until customers get their hands on the lucky bags next week to find out what’s inside, but in past years the roughly $350 gift bag has included items such as headphones, an iPod touch, cases, Apple t-shirts, and other accessories. For a lucky few, Apple has also included MacBooks and iPads in previous years. The sale will likely cause lineups at Apple’s retail stores in Japan next week.

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2 Responses to “Apple confirms annual ‘Lucky Bag’ sale set to kick off Jan. 2 at retail stores in Japan”

  1. Wesley Bell says:

    Just left the Apple store in Ginza and noticed a line of campers 6 deep in front of the store. Didn’t know why they were there but now I do.


  2. Adam Bernard says:

    i’ll take 10 please