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Siri isn’t a fan of the new Spike Jonze movie Her, if her recently-spotted responses regarding the movie’s titular AI are any indication. The film centers on a lonely man who falls in love with his cell phone’s virtual assistant, which many viewers immediately recognized as an advanced version of Siri.

As BuzzFeed noticed today, asking Siri about the actually-artificial intelligence causes her to respond with a variety of disparaging lines that sometimes border on jealousy. The responses are separate from Siri’s movie knowledge, and asking for Her showtimes will still return the proper response, though Siri might start going through your contacts to see what other artificial intelligences you’ve been talking to recently.

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One Response to “Siri is unimpressed with fictional virtual assistant’s performance in “Her””

  1. Scout Paget says:

    Oh Siri, you’re such a smart gal.