Yesterday we gave you our hands-on demo video of the latest MiniDrone quadricopter from Parrot, and today we got a demo of the new Parrot Jumping Sumo: a Wi-Fi connected “insect robot” toy that can turn on a dime and jump up to 30 inches.It’s controlled via an iOS app, packs in a gyroscope and accelerometer, and can roll and turn 90 degrees with quite impressive precision.

Half robot, half insect, it is equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which provides fool- proof agility and ease-of-piloting. It rolls, turns 90 degrees with speed and astonishing precision; no obstacle is too challenging. It performs spectacular jumps (up to 80 cm) and always land on its “wheels”!

On top of the acrobatics, there’s also a built-in camera that will give you a stream of what the camera is seeing right on the iPhone or tablet you’re using to control it. No word on specific specs, pricing, or availability, but it will arrive sometime later this year alongside the Parrot MiniDrone.

CES coverage brought to you by Belkin

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