WwroynuD3FeDw00XNh5IcEVT4ugB4HJPLWqCKbZQkiIKGI Research has issued its predictions for Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy device. The document suggests that the phone will be available in two different configurations. The standard version will come equipped with 2 GB of RAM, a quad-core Qualcomm MS M 8974AC or 8-core Samsung Exynos 5422 processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 2 MP front-facing camera, a 16 MP rear camera, and a massive 5.2-inch full HD AMOLED display.

A second, “prime” configuration will feature an upgraded 8-core Samsung Exynos 5430 processor, a quad-HD AMOLED panel, and 3 GB of memory. The other components will be the same between devices.

The big story here, however, is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner no doubt designed to rival the Touch ID sensor found in Apple’s iPhone 5s.  The document also indicates that the phone will have “3D gesture support,” which we suspect may point to an expansion of the existing air-gesture system.

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10 Responses to “KGI predicts Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, including 5.2-inch display and fingerprint sensor”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    A fingerprint sensor? Wherever did they get that idea?

    Unfortunately (or should I say, fortunately?) it will be more half-assed Shamesung me-too crap….Shamesung didn’t spend $400 million to acquire a company who had perfected fingerprint authentication, then spend 2 years of adapting that technology for use on a mobile device, then design the most durable hardware imaginable to use it, along with the most intuitive software to manage it.


    • FYI
      Apple didn’t invent the fingerprint sensor
      Apple wasn’t the first phone to include fingerprint sensor


      • thebums66 says:

        I don’t think they were saying they invented it. But they certainly perfected it. Have never had one issue with mine and it works flawlessly every time. I even have a life proof case on mine and it works through that protection. I’m sure Samsung will have some impressive specs. I certainly prefer the usability and practicality of my iPhone over the many Samsung phones I see at my place of work. This type of competition does help to keep us all, Apple or android, some pretty impressive technology in the palm of your hand.


  2. I thought Samsung said their next Galaxy flagship phone will feature a 64-bit processor?


  3. No 64 bit processor? I guess. The iPhone runs butt slow compared to the latest current Androids, and their packing half the bits!


    • 9to5savio says:

      iPhone 5s currently beats any Samsun phone in benchmarks. It looked like the Note 3 was faster until they disabled the built in benchmark cheat. Without the cheat the Note 3 is a hair slower than the iPhone.


    • Im pretty sure samsung will try there best to beat apple these specs are guessed probably created by an apple lover or a person who dosnt have a clue, they will mostlikely fit in a 64 bit processor inside and the primium will probably be about 90-99.9% metal framing, battery door, and chassis and the specs on the battery is wrong a suposide rumor says the bettery will be a new 2900mahp with 520 increase speed charge


  4. History repeats itself doesn’t it. Who’s in to start a company with me, making money by predicting scamsungs future?


  5. Sounds pretty decent. I’d be interested in seeing the quality of the display and the camera. Octacore, sounds like a good name for a Bond movie.