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Bank of America has partnered with iTunes and (RED) to bring U2 fans a free download of U2’s “Invisible.” For each download, Bank of America will donate $1 to (RED) to help fight AIDS.

While Apple didn’t run a Super Bowl ad for the Mac’s 30th anniversary this year, the iTunes announcement was accompanied by an ad promoting the new (RED) promotion, embedded below.

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3 Responses to “Download U2’s ‘Invisible’ from iTunes for free and Bank of America will donate $1 to (RED)”

  1. Apple continued their promotion of (RED) through iTunes was a grand gesture to active philanthropy. It was a fitting tribute to 30 years, by not trying to out do what has already been done. Kudos to B of A


  2. This is such a great promotion for both Apple and Bank of America to do. As a u2 fan I would definitely participate in this promotion. It’s nice to see a successful technology company like Apple doing something like this. The video that they released alongside of the announcement was cool too. It’s great to see them continue their support for (RED)


  3. ikir says:

    Thanks U2 and Apple!