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Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit from iBooks customers over price-fixing practices according to Reuters. As has been previously argued, Apple conspired with book publishers to hike the prices of ebooks, a violation of U.S. anti-trust law. The Department of Justice won its case against Apple for the same reason last year, and Apple is currently in the middle of appealing that case.

This new lawsuit is a civil case being brought by customers affected by the price-fixing scheme. Today U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ruled that the customers suing could do so as a group despite Apple’s objections. The actual trial will be scheduled for later this year.

Reuters notes that the case is expected to go to court in July or September, right around the time Apple is expected to release its next iPhone.

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4 Responses to “Judge grants class-action status to e-book customers in Apple price-fixing lawsuit”

  1. interesting ,what a coincidence on the dates of the lam sute and apple’s release of iphone.

  2. interesting ,what a coincidence on the dates of the law sute and apple’s release of iphone.

  3. Considering the competition helped lower ebook prices on the whole, how about those who paid a better price then write a check to Apple for the difference?

  4. I hate these get-rich-quick schemes…I mean Apple lawsuits. These scumbags should do like the rest of us and just go and get a day job. How are you going to buy an eBook and turn around and sue Apple? If you bought the book, doesn’t that say you were OK with the price?