It looks like Apple’s shipping estimates on its new Mac Pro have once again slipped with at least Apple’s US online store listing shipping availability as “5-6 weeks.” That puts the current delivery dates for the Mac Pro at sometime during May. Previously, Apple’s website was listing an available to ship date as “April.”

When the all-new Mac Pro finally went on sale back in December, it wasn’t long before shipping estimates for the new machine slipped to February on the same day, then March a month later, and until today Apple’s website listed an available for shipping date of “April” since early February.

Many of Apple’s other online stores in Europe are still listing availability as April, but dates in other countries, such as Canada, have also slipped to 5-6 weeks. While it might take you a month or two to get your hands on a new Mac Pro straight from Apple online, 9to5Toys has several models of the device ready to ship through various retailers. 

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10 Responses to “Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to 5-6 weeks from April delivery into May”

  1. Fernando Perez says:

    APRIL FOOLS… right? r..right guys? =(


  2. John P. Ford says:

    I wish that something would come out about sales. Is it that the demand is higher then what apple said, or is it that Apple is having issues with their manufacturing process, or parts availability.


  3. Mario Cunha says:

    On Portuguese Apple store shipment says just April.


  4. Tallest Skil says:

    “But… but NO ONE would want a computer you can’t update!”¡


    • It’s the most upgradable Mac Apple is currently making, what more do you expect?
      Its memory is easily changeable, graphics card(W9000) sells even more price alone than the entire mac pro, and Intel changes its CPU socket every year.


    • scumbolt2014 says:

      Great point. After all the whining online after the MP was announced about what it wasn’t or couldn’t do before anyone outside of Cupertino had even got their hands on one. This blows the monolithic aluminum cheese grater MP away in my opinion, and I still like them.


  5. so much for usa factories ….


  6. It’s unbelievable that the demand for a $3000 computer is so high. Or is Apple only making a few a day? I’d really like to see the numbers to see just how many they are selling. I can’t wait to get my hands on one, but like many others, I’ve been waiting months for one.