Re/code today added to the our reporting yesterday that Apple will not unveil a new version of its Apple TV set top box at WWDC (nor the iWatch):

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell Code/red that Tim Cook will not use WWDC to unveil Apple’s mythical wearable device. Nor will he use it to show off a new Apple TV, or even preview the new software the company is developing for it. Which makes perfect sense, really. There’s little point in Apple unveiling a new OS in advance of a significant hardware update. As 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reported Thursday, the big announcements at this year’s WWDC are going to be OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 and, perhaps, the rumored Healthbook app, Apple’s coming foray into health and fitness tracking.

This reporting aligns with our own on the subject:

We previously reported that Apple is working on an Apple TV update to support Siri-based voice control. The new update could also support new types of content such as apps. The new version of the Apple TV software is said to be in development alongside the aforementioned iOS 8.1 release, so it seems likely that the two systems will launch in tandem late in 2014 or early next year.

We also first reported that WWDC 2014 will focus on a redesign of OS X, new features for iOS 8, and iCloud enhancements. 

WWDC, of course, is scheduled to kick off in just 30 days on June 2, 2014, where Tim Cook and company will unveil the next major versions of OS X and iOS in San Francisco. We’ll bring you the latest coverage as it develops so stay tuned. While Tim Cook previously offered that Apple would release new products all across 2014, Apple only recently released an updated version of its MacBook Air line with a reduced price point being the main feature. Apple is also expected to release new versions of its iPhone and iPad later in the fall. As for WWDC next month, read our full report here on the latest of what to anticipate.

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20 Responses to “New report reiterates neither Apple TV (nor iWatch) will take stage at WWDC”

  1. rtd5943 says:

    A report about a report about a report. Why not go one more level? Were you scared you would get stuck in limbo?


  2. Showing healthbook without the iWatch is completely pointless. I’m going to be honest, healthbook is entirely useless (with the exception of the emergency card), without a wearable device feeding it automatic updated metrics. There are already apps for virtually everything described in healthbook, and having to enter all that information manually, will never be effective, nor used more than a minute fraction of users. Moreover, I think it is also virtually pointless if you are expected to buy numerous third party accessories to automatically feed it different metrics. Simplicity is the ONLY way to do this, and the only way it will be used by many people at all. One wearable device made by Apple feeding it whatever metrics they include in healthbook with the exception of glucose monitoring as it is highly likely impossible at the present time.


    • This wouldn’t be the first time that apple introduce a product partially, waiting for the final release to complete it with all the features. In example, when they introduced iOS 5 at the WWDC, they haven’t mentioned Siri (because it had no sense without the iPhone 4S introduced in September). My feeling is that healthbook will be introduced in September with the final release of iOS and the iPhone 6 / iWatch.


  3. iPadCary says:

    No iWatch at WDC14 means ZERO press interest ….


  4. David Green says:

    they better show something great or watch the stock drop like a stone


  5. rahhbriley says:

    Oh my gosh your own Mark Gurman must just be the man, keep telling us about how he is quoted by other sources. The red links seem important…or maybe dangerous, can’t tell which.
    I like this site, but how self-referential you can be, is irritating.


  6. chrisl84 says:

    If this is the case Apple might as well remove Apple TV from its main product line and once again consider it as a hobby. No Apple TV progress in a year and a half is begging investors to back Amazon FireTV and Chromecast.


  7. juancastim135 says:

    It would be illogical if apple announced the full display Apple TV model but what would make sense is for them (since there in a developers conference) to announce a new Apple TV box to include at least the 3rd party apps feature to get people working on it already


  8. Apple is DOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOMMMMed!!! LoL


    • Just to add a real thought – Maybe there’s something to the iWatch replacing/being branded as iPod rumor, in which case it would debut in Sept. And if it’s compatible with other fitness sensors there’s nothing to keep them from previewing “Healthbook” in iOS 8. If not, there’s nothing to say they couldn’t release the app in a .1 update. Either way, if it’s not ready, it’s not ready.


      • The iWatch isn’t an iPod. It is entirely different. Unless there are wireless EarPods then it couldn’t possibly replace an iPod. It can never replace an iPod touch though, they’re simply meant for different purposes.


  9. Really? Does it really takes someone to write a “report” stating the obvious? Of course there’s not going to be an Apple TV or iWatch announcement at WWDC… the question is whether there’s going to be an SDK for Apple TV.


  10. To say it’s a developer conference only? Don’t you need product to develep it on? Software updates are good but you have the Apple TV that hasn’t seen an update in almost 2 years and the software is just as old. A bigger iPhone? Some people don’t care about having a bigger one. Carplay well I’d have to buy a new car! iWatch well it’s going to need developers so that apps on the phone will work with it. Payment system that’s great but outside retail will have to get involved which will still need developers. Health Book app it will need hardware or what is it good for.