In light of the impending Apple/Beats deal, above is a video of Dr. Dre and Steve Jobs video iChatting at an Apple event (a decade ago!) about the iPod and iTunes. It seems that the relationship goes back quite a few years, and the Steve Jobs biography has a great quote about that:

“Perhaps the oddest meeting was when Dr. Dre came to visit Jobs at Apple headquarters. Jobs loved the Beatles and Dylan, but he admitted that the appeal of rap eluded him. Now Jobs needed Eminem and other rappers to agree to be sold in the iTunes Store, so he huddled with Dr. Dre, who was Eminem’s mentor. After Jobs showed him the seamless way the iTunes Store would work with the iPod, Dr. Dre proclaimed, “Man, somebody finally got it right.”

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7 Responses to “Here’s a video of Dr. Dre and Steve Jobs video chatting about iTunes and the iPod”

  1. Steve’s head is floating. Whoah.


  2. He has like a billion fans so if he joins hands with a company it would be very good for business


  3. Ryan Max says:

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