OS X users digging through today’s beta update to the system have discovered what appears to be a reference to an as-of-yet unannounced version of the iMac. The model, dubbed iMac 15,1 could be shown off next week at Apple’s WWDC conference, where we’ve heard that there will likely be some new hardware announcements.

More specifically, the following lines were added to a power management file in the new beta:

Mac-81E3E92DD6088272.plist / iMac15,1 (IGPU only)
Mac-42FD25EABCABB274.plist / iMac15,n (IGPU/GFX0/Apple display with id 0xAE03)
Mac-FA842E06C61E91C5.plist / iMac15,n (IGPU/GFX0/Apple display with id 0xAE03)

The 15,1 designation refers to a model that doesn’t exist yet (as the current-generation iMacs are designated 14,1 and 14,2 based on display size). Whether we’ll see any other hardware at next week’s conference is still unknown, but there don’t seem to be any other unreleased models included in the 10.9.4 update.

The fact that the machine is included here means that it will likley see a release soon, possibly even the same day as the WWDC keynote. As usual, we’ll have live coverage of the WWDC keynote and all of Apple’s announcements on June 2nd.

Update: It appears that today’s 10.9.4 beta has been pulled from the Mac Dev Center.

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14 Responses to “References to new iMac model discovered in OS X 10.9.4 developer preview”

  1. Hmm… can’t wait to see what the new models have in store.


  2. hmurchison says:

    This must be the Arm based iMac.


  3. Here’s hoping that a new retina Thunderbolt display and a new Mac Mini will be announced.


  4. I bet this update will slow down the older mac-s and then you gonna thinking to buy a new one.


    • Stop telling BS. My 7yo Mac runs Mavericks. And that’s great.


      • Tallest Skil says:

        How DARE you call out FUD! Why, that’s tantamount to you being a troll! To think, someone who actually wants the comments here to reflect truthful statements about Apple. Shameful.

        I… don’t remember if you’ve been around here very long, so I’ll mention the above is satire based on what imbeciles say.


  5. Well, they must have put it back, because the update is available again in the Dev Center


  6. The “n” is interesting. I don’t remember them using that nomenclature before.


  7. wild hope:
    the 12′ iOS device that has been rumoured is actually this computer. it’s a small iOS based desktop. a futuristic iMac that “kneels” so that you don’t get arm strain from touch computing, but bobs back up again when you need it to.


  8. Ty Webb says:

    They never pulled it. It just took a while longer for it to appear in the mac dev center. There are direct links to it in apple’s developer forums. The links would have changed if they pulled it and put it back later. But those links never changed which indicates that it was NEVER pulled!


  9. airmanchairman says:

    The signs will be clear before the announcement, whatever year it happens. Maybe version 11, maybe 12, or later. Mac OS upgrade will slow down imperceptibly (or IOS will speed up) for iOS revision number to catch up, and shortly thereafter, both operating systems will effectively become one.

    But mobile chip, I/O and storage technology still has a ways to go to enable such software parity