Apple’s Craig Federighi (Getty)

This morning, Apple revealed the schedule for next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference. To start things off, an Apple keynote will be held from 10AM to 12PM on Monday, June 2nd at Moscone West. Apple typically holds keynote addresses to kick off WWDC, but this schedule serves as the first direct confirmation from Apple. The event will likely be led by Apple CEO Tim Cook with assistance from Senior VPs Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue, who have some new software and services announcements, respectively…

Expect a completely redesigned version of OS X (numbered 10.10) plus an enhancement filled iOS 8 with new Healthbook fitness tracking software, improved Maps, and new iPad features. Also, according to sources, Apple is planning to unveil new hardware at this year’s conference. New products from Apple TVs to iWatches to Retina MacBook Airs (the most likely) have been rumored for introduction this year. We’ll have live coverage of the event and coverage of the latest news leading up to the announcements.

Other interesting special events to take place during the week of WWDC:


  • Developer Platforms State of the Union Keynote: June 2nd 2:00 to 3:30 PM PT
  • Apple Design Awards: June 2nd 4:00 to 5:00 PM PT
  • Star Wars Past, Present and Future: June 5th 12:45 to 1:45 PM PT
  • The Bash/Concert: June 5th 6:30 to 9:30 PM PT

You can also read up on some of the other sessions here.

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64 Responses to “Apple confirms WWDC 2014 keynote to be held Monday, June 2nd at 10 AM PT; new hardware likely”

  1. So they’ll be announcing that the MacPro is now shipping?

  2. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Maybe we’ll hear about Powerbook G5’s shipping soon. It’s ABOUT TIME !

  3. Chris Murphy says:

    Hrrmm: “This one is still under lock and key” Tuesday 4:30-5:30

    Best case: How to use iWatch and Apple TV APIs
    Worst Case: How to use Healthbook iOS8 APIs


  4. CJ Sheets says:

    I don’t think it’s likely we’ll see an iWatch or new Apple TV hardware. We would have seen leaks by now. Apple TV refresh is the more likely of the two. I can’t see it being the fan-less MacBook Air rumored either, as there was just released a spec bump not so long ago. So what could the new hardware be?

    • You are probably right, but your reasoning is faulty. There have been several hardware announcements at WWDC’s wherein we had no leaks, and no idea they were even making a product in that category before it was revealed onstage.

      Of course, leaks are far more common now and security in general is much lower, but it’s happened before and could easily happen again.

    • rettun1 says:

      I think we’ll hear an announcement for the wearable device, with a release several months away (maybe alongside ios 8 and the yet-to-be-announced iPhone(s)). That would explain why there haven’t been leaks, since they likely haven’t been mass producing them yet.

      And they would still sell the ‘old’ MacBook Air models along side the retina models, because Id guess that those would be priced about 300 dollars higher than the current gen anyway

  5. reesmaxwell says:

    I thought most Keynotes kicked off at 9:00am, with the notable things happening at 9:42 or whatever the screenshot usually says. Isn’t 10am later then usual?

    • The WWDC keynote has never been at 9 am, always at 10am at least since 2007.

      • jrox16 says:

        It had to have been at 9am at some point, maybe for the original iPhone… that’s why in all ads, Apple uses 9:41am as the time on device screens. That started with a keynote where they timed the introduction of the new iPhone in the presentation to be at exactly (or almost) at 9:41am or 9:42am (I forget) so that the image on the presentation screen showed the new device with the real time the audience had on their watches. Just another one of those attention to detail perfectionism things Jobs was known for…
        But that did always confuse me because I had always thought these started at 10am as well. 9am seems early, like that’s still coffee and bagel time at shows.

  6. “New hardware likely”.
    Please don’t troll in your own article!

    Since when did WWDC ever release new hardware?

    You need to get your facts straight before writing articles, without sounding like a troll doing so!

    • rogifan says:

      iPhone 4? Retina MacBook Pro, new Mac Pro?

      • Chris Murphy says:

        Yeah, there’s been countless examples of new hardware releasing at WWDC. I wish this silly argument would go away. Just last WWDC Apple gave a “sneak peek” at the Mac Pro. I don’t expect the iWatch to be released at WWDC, but I’m hoping for the small chance that we are given a “sneak peek” at it. New product categories afford Apple the ability to announce it months before it’s sold. Just like the iPhone and iPad. Might as well freeze the wearable market for the next x months while it’s finalized.

    • Oh, you must be new to WWDC.

      2004 – Cinema Displays
      2006 – Mac Pro to replace G5
      2008 – iPhone 3G
      2009 – 13″ MacBook Pro, iPhone 3GS
      2010 – iPhone 4
      2012 – MacBook Pro with Retina display

      You need to get your facts straight before writing posts, without sounding like a troll doing so!

      • Lou Miranda says:

        OK, but now they announce the iPhone in the fall. So what’s left in the list? Nothing terribly exciting for consumers (as opposed to developers).

        Now, I get the past doesn’t always predict the future. But your evidence isn’t terribly compelling as it stands. Maybe Apple will announce an iWatch or new Apple TV or even the smaller of the two(?) new iPhones 6, but if they do it’s not because there is strong evidence that they announce consumer hardware at WWDC. Maybe this is a new Apple.

        Was there any hint at WWDC 2012 that the iPhone 5 would come out with a 4″ screen? I honestly don’t remember.

      • Lou, I’m not sure if your aware of what WWDC stands for … World Wide Developers Conference. So, you see the point is not to launch things that are “… terribly exciting for consumers …” But you should keep your eyes out for the WWCC …

      • Thanks Andrew for the list! :)

    • jrox16 says:

      It would make sense to show off the iWatch, if it exists. If there new API’s or even a new lightweight version of iOS to run on the iWatch, how will developers have time to get into that before launch? So the question really becomes, how is Apple going to launch the iWatch?? Will the iWatch allow 3rd party apps? If yes, then would Apple really launch it like “surprise” with zero 3rd party app support? I don’t know, just submitting the question to everyone here. If they would launch without any 3rd party support, then we probably won’t see it. If they won’t, and want to launch with some 3rd party apps already available in order to make the thing more exciting and appealing to customers, (3rd party app store watch faces would be cool, at a minimum), then this is the time they would need to show us the watch and talk about the OS and API’s for it and have that perhaps as the “still under lock and key” breakout session. Just throwing darts with eyes closed here…

    • Tallest Skil says:

      >>Since when did WWDC ever release new hardware?

      I was going to list off just how wrong you are, but Andrew Messenger was kind enough to do it for me.

  7. taylore90 says:

    I just want an updated Mac Mini!

    • andymoreno says:


      • Steve Cowan says:

        I would have bought a fully tricked out Mac Mini in December 2013, but it was already way overdue for an update. So … I wait.

        Apple selling the current (unchanged) Mac Mini for the same price they were peddling it for 2 years ago is simply perverse.

        The Mac Mini is the only Mac that really suits my current needs. (I’d better not say that too loud, or else they’ll probably discontinue it.)

  8. Rich Moore says:

    How about them announcing the new product BEATS

  9. I hope (against hope, and with no actual information) that they are coming out with a TV.

    It’s literally the only hardware I would be interested in (other than a smaller iPad mini, and that is almost certainly not happening). I hate my TV and hate the fact that there aren’t even TV products out there that I want to buy.

    Apple, make a proper TV please to show the others how it’s done.

  10. Why should Apple introduce Healthbook now if there’s no iWatch yet.
    I think they’ll wait to announce it with the watch.

  11. Any thought as to what Mac will likely support 10.10 (Ie. MacBook Pro Mid-2010 and Up?)

  12. lilhobbes says:

    That’d be cool to see the iWatch…but as a preview, like how they did the Mac Pro!

  13. In my perfect world, they would announce iWatch as well as an Apple TV update. However, I don’t see both of those happening, and my guess is it will lean more on OS X 10.10 & iOS 8 (for all devices including apple TV)

    • They won’t. Apple has never launched a new product category at WWDC. The iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV were all announced outside of WWDC. They could announce an Apple TV update, but not the iWatch. Also Apple has always limited WWDC hardware announcements to 1 item.

  14. No macbook pro retina update??

  15. Does anyone else find it interesting that this is the date of record for the stock split?

  16. It has got to be the iWatch. For sure. They need the devs on it obviously. But if it is not, all of us will be sorely disappointed.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      No. We won’t. Keep your FUD to yourself.

    • Jan Klaassen says:

      What? “All of us will be sorely disappointed”? What are you talking about? Speak for yourself! Not everyone is dreaming all day of an iWatch. I really don’t see the point of releasing an iWatch. I really don’t understand the hype. There isn’t a single product I could care less about than an iWatch. A television from Apple would be nice, but a watch? No, not at all. I would even be more excited if they announced an iFridge, iVacuumClean, iThermostat, iGarageDoor, iCondomVendingMachine or iDishWasher. I really don’t care at all about an iWatch.

      What I want to see is a 12″ MacBook Air retina with the same resolution as the 15″ MacBook Pro retina. The 13″ MacBook Air and 15″ MacBook Pro had the exact same resolution of 1440×900, so on the 13″ MacBook Air the pixels were smaller. Then they gave the MacBook Pro a retina resolution of 2880×1800. I want a MacBook Air with this resolution. Would be nice if the rumors of a 12″ MacBook Air were true. Imagine a 12″ MacBook Air with a retina display of 2880×900. It has to be so beautiful. I also want a new Mac mini. A Mac mini that’s even smaller, like the Apple TV. Those are products I want to see. Not a stupid iWatch.

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a iPhone announcement there are so many leaks at the minute that it could in theory be just around the corner before the new iPhone is released to the world.
    I know it hasn’t been a year since the 5s but this has been done before as it not………………Anyway i can but dream.
    Oh and while i’m dreaming can we get at least a five inch screen on the next iPhone this would make my day for sure.

  18. Can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us!

  19. After the success of Tupac and Michael Jackson, a holographic version of Steve Jobs will make an appearance to introduce the new iPhone 6.

  20. iWatch would almost certainly deserve its own event – and Healthbook would be announced there. I expect to see CarPlay and Apple TV opened up for app development, most of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 announced. Nothing more. Any hardware would be enhanced version of existing hardware.

  21. andreww500 says:

    This one could potentially be rather exciting. In regards to iOS 8, we don’t have a whole lot of info about what will be announced other than Healthbook.

  22. WISH LIST:

    1. 32 inch 4k monitor
    2. All Mac laptops now have a built in LTE option :-)
    3. 4.7 inch iPhone

  23. Michael Eulo says:

    Hopefully they’re announcing that their liquidating their assets and closing shop.

  24. The only hardware I’d like to see from WWDC are an Air-inspired Mac mini redesign or an AppleTV with an App Store.

  25. Joseph Kirk says:

    really hope its a new mac mini