Eddy Cue Stories July 2, 2019

In an interview with GQ magazine, Apple SVP Eddy Cue hit back at some of the reports surrounding the Apple original content launch. A New York Post article ahead of the Apple TV+ unveiling said that Tim Cook had been reviewing scripts for Apple’s shows and sending notes like “don’t be so mean” to the producers and directors.

Cue firmly rejects that report in this interview, telling GQ “there’s never been one note passed from us on scripts, that I can assure you. We leave the folks [alone] who know they’re doing.”

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Eddy Cue Stories March 19, 2019

A new report from Sports Illustrated today takes a look how at one of Apple’s quiet projects is working to change how we consume live sports. Eddy Cue has shared that the company isn’t looking to stream exclusive sporting events, but rather has its eye on disrupting how we watch live events by creating a sports curation service.

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Eddy Cue Stories September 5, 2018

A lengthy profile of Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of internet software and services, has described him as a well-respected leader, but one who is over-extended to the point that he sometimes falls asleep in meetings …

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Eddy Cue Stories August 7, 2018

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue met before pulling InfoWars podcasts, believe app not in violation

New details have surfaced over how Apple made its decision to pull five podcasts from Alex Jones and InfoWars from its directory. According to CNN’s Dylan Byers’ newsletter, the decision was made at the top of Apple — including the choice to leave the InfoWars app intact.

Eddy Cue Stories June 29, 2018

TechCrunch has published a new piece detailing Apple’s massive effort to rebuild Apple Maps from the ground up — specifically the mapping data — with a combination of iPhones and those Apple Maps vans we’ve seen on the road for years.

The results of this effort will show up first in the next iOS 12 beta for new mapping data for San Francisco and the Bay Area before expanding to Northern California later in the year. Ultimately, the end goal for the new Apple Maps is to be based entirely on Apple-collected data and not a combination of external data providers.

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Eddy Cue Stories May 4, 2018

Last month we reported that Tim Cook would be facing deposition over Qualcomm patent royalties in June. Today, another SVP from Apple is being added to the list.

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