Yesterday we reported that Tim Cook and Eddy Cue were rounding out their WWDC week in Austin, where the duo toured the Texas campus and teased ‘exciting’ products. Today, the Apple CEO shared the photo seen above via his Twitter account with the following message: “Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday, thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise.” Apple’s Mac Pro desktop computer is assembled in the United States at the plant in Austin, currently Apple’s only Mac line that boasts that detail…

Cook also visited Apple’s customer service and support team at the Austin Campus tweeting the photo with an AppleCare staffer seen below. In his tweet, the Apple CEO included this message: “Our AppleCare team is the best in the world. Thrilled to see them in action yesterday on our new campus in Austin.” Apple SVP of Internet and Services Eddy Cue was also spotted in the shot at AppleCare’s offices in Austin, Texas.


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7 Responses to “Tim Cook visits Mac Pro assembly plant & AppleCare in Austin, Texas”

  1. looks like PC software running on the iMacs lol


    • Most engineering gear like that only runs on Windows. I’m sure they’re happy enough to use it on Windows rather than pay the manufacturers a shit load of money just to make an OS X version with a hilariously expensive support contract just for some idealogical reason.


    • myke2241 says:

      there are pros and cons to each platform out there. it just so happens Windows has a foot hold in this industry. Kudos to them


  2. did nobody else notice the black band on Tim Cook’s recent images? Its form factor seems to match some of the supposed renders of the “iWatch” or whatever the new wearable tech Apple is supposed to release.