The 3D rendering above comes from Technology Integration Services. The company isn’t actually affiliated with Apple, but decided to put together this render of the company’s currently under construction Campus 2 building using publicly available designs. We have already seen a lot of renders straight from Apple of what the building will look like, but the flyover view in the render above gives us some perspective on the surrounding area, the courtyard area in the middle of the building, and the rest of the campus.

Earlier this month we noted that construction on Apple’s Campus 2 project was well underway when photos of the foundation walls surfaced online. Apple said previously that it expects the new campus to be complete for employees to move in by mid 2016 following a few delays.


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6 Responses to “Apple’s Campus 2 Project gets 3D flyover rendering”

  1. Matt Korner says:

    This building is the beginning of the end for Apple. Automobile-dependent suburban sprawl is in its death throes, and this structure is its epitome.


  2. Soul-crushing Silicon Valley sprawl at its finest.


  3. Jim Trikakis says:

    Apple purchased the land from HP who no longer needed it. That said, the land has already been in use since Steve Jobs youth. Apple made sure all structures are lower than the tree so the natural area remains in tact. You also should notice that most, if not all structures have solar panels installed to reduce energy.


    • herb02135go says:

      No, the land has not been in use since Jobs youth. It was orchard during his youth.

      This project should never have been approved simply for the traffic mess it will cause. Closing Pruneridge is a horrible idea. The City fawned over Apple and didn’t do its due diligence.
      Using a few tokens of energy efficiency won’t offset the problems this development creates.
      By 2020-2025 Apple likely won’t be around anymore and this will be another example of urban decay.


      • I realize I’m feeding the troll, but if Apple somehow sold zero products starting immediately, yet kept their expenditures exactly where they are now, it would take them 10 years just to burn through their cash. That doesn’t even get into liquidiating their assets, which would give them roughly another 8 years. Apple may not exist forever, but it would take an incredibly drastic and extremely unlikely change for it to happen in the timeframe you stated.

        You are correct that it was an orchard during his youth though.


  4. I am a Santa Clara Valley Native third generation. The family re- started their lives here in the late 1800’s.
    Yes there were mostly orchards even on the El Camino and my Mother can tell of some dirt roads in Santa Clara. It was so casual how the Silicon Valley started. I have friends who knew Steve Jobs and it was no big deal. Those who were good in math could become an engineer by simply working in a company that made electronics. It was not called the “tech” industry as it is today it was just a mystery industry to all of the lay folks here. I saw San Thomas Expressway being built and Highway 85 and 17 (880 now). We built a lot but nothing fantastic.
    The story of Steve Jobs is now recognized as monumental and I am finally figuring it out because the Silicon Valley is finally on the map. People have been moving here to the Santa Clara Valley for decades to enjoy the weather the beauty and now smart people are moving here for the industry. We had been lacking in something. The architecture was lacking. We had bungalow housing, tract housing and a smattering of Los Angeles look alike stuff on the on the Alameda but nothing great. Outside of the Missions nothing great to distinguish us from the rest of the world.
    Now we have this incredible building the Apple 2 Campus which is going to be a model for some future architecture everywhere. I am proud. If you live here in the now Silicon Valley you should be proud too.Thanks Steve Jobs for again having the vision and displaying it in what man has done for centuries in a monument to achievement the Apple 2 Campus.