We’re Awem Games, an independent casual game developer from Belarus. We would appreciate your feedback on our latest iOS game Cradle of Empires, the most adventurous match-3 game on the App Store!

Cradle of Empires is rather an adventure with lots of match-3 gameplay, than a puzzle with a hint of adventure. Completing match-3 levels, collecting resources and numerous collection items, constructing and upgrading the city, solving quests, and a unique bonus system that helps the player work out his own strategy, is only a means to uncover a great adventure with rich story and bright characters!

Cradle of Empires Features:

– A unique mix of match-3 puzzle, adventure and city builder never seen before
– All-new bonus system including amulets, totems, artifacts and more to help you choose your own gameplay tactics
– Original twists on classical Match-3 featuring six new modes of play
– Fairy-tale inspired story line with unexpected twists, interesting quests, and lots of appealing characters
– Additional content coming in updates with new quests, buildings, characters and civilizations
– Mesmerizing hand drawn graphics and original music

Website – http://cradleofempires.com/

Free download – http://bit.ly/fcoem

Game trailer – http://bit.ly/vid-coem

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game and maybe receiving some recommendations on its improvement. We would really appreciate any of them. You can contact us at 

Thanks a lot,
Awem Team

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5 Responses to “Cradle of Empires [iPad/iPhone] – new adventurous match-3 game”

  1. So far am enjoying the game.


  2. Love the game but stuck in a spot where the woman pops up and says “every trade in Egypt has it’s own god. Build its statue and get a bonus to the corresponding building”. But I don’t have gems to do that right now. I can’t get rid of her and move on – I tap to continue, as she says. But if I try to do anything other than go to the shop and spend, she pops right back up. Is it a bug or an attempt to force me to purchase gems? I hope it’s the former and it will get fixed.


  3. Loving the game but what happened to the idols? I can’t see how to get one after the latest update?


  4. Level 37 reads ‘Max experience’ and I cannot move to a higher level. Am I missing something? What do I need to do?


  5. love the game, but stuck on level 17.