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7 Responses to “iPhone 6 – This thing is beautiful”

  1. I have to agree having seen prototypes, leaked schematics, case-parts etc.
    The next generation iPhone 6/iPhone Air, or whatever they end up calling it,
    will be what everyone hoped Apple would bring out when Iphone 5 was released.
    Sept. in 2014 will be worth the wait, new iOS 8.0 and I can’t wait!


  2. No – you´re wrong. Those white stripes is awful (though needed)!


    • asimo3089 says:

      I’ll have to disagree! I remember everyone complaining about the back of the iPhone 5 leaks because of the aluminum and glass mix. Everyone loves that now!

      That white is really starting to grow on me.


      • I have to agree. I hated the glass back pieces on the original iPhone 5 when I first saw it. After actually holding it in person it changed my mind. I suspect that this iPhone will be no different. Mock-ups and fake models can’t really do justice to the quality that Apple will actually release to the public.


    • “Those white stripes ARE awful”. Except I don’t think they are. I think Tim will announce that the previous plastic divider line is now a little wider as it now IS the radio window itself – cue whoops from audience.


  3. I don’t like the thick white/black stripes and am praying that part of the design is more refined at time of launch. It might help the antennae performance but it just looks awkward and imbalanced to me.


    • PMZanetti says:

      I hope it’s not changed at all and looks much like, just to punish those of you pety nut bags that can’t get over it, and puke all over every article with a mockup attached.

      You people have thoroughly ruined the experience this season.