Review: BassJump 2 Subwoofer for MacBook Air (video)

Twelve South has sent us their just announced BassJump 2 portable subwoofer. The original BassJump’s focus was to be a subwoofer add-on to your MacBook Pro/Air speakers. The BassJump 2 is more of a software update, than hardware, but we figured we’d check out the full package to tell you if its a peripheral that deserves a spot on your desk.

The BassJump 2 is available for $69, including free shipping and the new software. BassJump 2 ships with beautiful packaging and includes the subwoofer inside, a USB cord, and a carrying case for when you need to take your BassJump on the go. So how does it compare to the Macbook Air’s “internal bass” and is it worth the $69 price tag? Read on after the break for the full review, gallery, and video.

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MacBook USB subwoofer/software gets even better with Twelve South’s BassJump 2 update

Apple accessory maker Twelve South has just launched their new BassJump 2 USB subwoofer for Apple’s MacBook lineup. If you’re not familiar, same as the original BassJump, the new model aims to blend the sound output between the subwoofer and your MacBook’s built-in speakers using Twelve South’s proprietary software. In other words, the BassJump 2 sub adds the mid- and low-frequencies, your MacBook speakers act as stereo tweeters, and the software attempts to create an ideal mix between the two.

According to the company’s press release, the proprietary software used in the new model includes rewritten code that provides “greater compatibility and eight more decibels” for “dramatically enhanced sound”. The software’s UI (below), which includes a retro VU meter and other basic preset controls, has been redesigned and now allows you to save your customized settings.

When it comes to the greater compatibility, the BassJump 2 includes support for iMac and Apple Thunderbolt display speakers, as well as other non-Apple headphone-connected and USB-powered speakers.

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