Degunking Your Mac (Degunking)

Degunking Your Mac, Tiger Edition, covers the latest operating system (OS X Tiger). Tiger has been greatly expanded, and the new features of this powerful operating system can help Mac users get better organized and reduce clutter. This Tiger edition of the bestselling Degunking Your Mac takes readers inside Tiger and shows them step-by-step how to run Tiger at peak performance. This book is a huge time-saver because it’s organized according to the proven twelve-step degunking process that made the Degunking Series popular around the world. After degunking their Macs, users can then focus on doing more creative things, such as making movies, recording music, using the Mac with the iPod, creating websites, and designing documents.

All of the crucial degunking tips and tricks and customization techniques are in this book, including how to better manage hard drives that get gunked up with media files, how to properly optimize the desktop, how to make programs run their best, how to keep fonts under control, how to get rid of the extra stuff that Tiger installs, how to best use the new security features, how to streamline repetitive tasks with Automator, and much more. Special degunking tips are also provided to help users upgrading from earlier versions of OS X to Tiger. The book provides proven degunking maintenance tasks that users should perform on a regular basis to keep their Macs running at optimum levels. Mac users will love this book because it will help them get organized (and stay organized), optimize their workspace, solve clutter problems, and keep their Macs running fast and smoothly.

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