The Mac OS X Tiger Book

The cat’s out of the bag, and Andy Ihnatko gives you a hundred reasons to fall in love with the Tiger. Packed with sage advice — and plenty of humor — this beefy volume holds your hand through installing Tiger, helps you diagnose and cure common problems, introduces you to more shortcuts than you ever imagined, and provides tips on everything from using Spotlight to choosing a tattoo. It’s not only the greatest Mac OS X guide ever, it’s surely the most entertaining.

You’ll find new chapters on:

  • Automator — your servant for boring-yet-complex tasks.
  • Spotlight — to find anything on your Mac instantly.
  • Dashboard — a pile of useful tools just a keystroke away.
  • Troubleshooting step by step-amaze your friends! </ul

    “Here, I’m going to help you out before you even start leafing through this thing. If you run an $8 FireWire cable between a pair of Macs running Tiger, the OS automatically creates an ultra-high-speed network between the two, with zero help from you. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to swap files or play network games, and you can even use this mini network to ‘share’ an Internet connection!

    See? Have the other books’ authors done so much for you at this stage? Please keep this in mind as you make your purchasing decision.”
    — Andy Ihnatko

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