FirefoxSafari ie I just read a great blogpost by Mozilla’s COO,  John Lilly that expanded upon what I thought was a huge blunder on Apple’s part in announcing that they were porting Safari to Windows.  By the graphs, pictured, It seems that Apple wants Safari to gain market share at the expense of not IE but of Opera and Firefox.  And those are not slipups or typo’s either.  Apple goes to great lengths to clearly define each and every aspect of a keynote presentation.

As an avid (and currently livid) Mac Firefox user, I have to say that this is appalling to me.Why?  Well 1st of all Firefox has made browsing on the Mac a much better experience ever since IE bowed out of the platform 5 years ago.  A lot of sites are unable to render properly, if at all, on Safari and without Firefox, it would be a whole lot harder to be a Mac user.

Secondly, Firefox has the best set of plug-ins available on the Web.  Lots of tools for Web Developers and power users alike.  Until last week it was the only browser that allowed you to have a somewhat similar cross platform experience…and the only one that you can use the Google toolbar on the Mac platform.

Finally, where is Apple to say that there should only be 2 Browsers?! Alright, enough…I am hoping this is some sort of mistake or that Apple’s developers will overturn this ‘strategy’ from the inside. If you are passionate about this, make your statement on Digg or elsewhere

I just took Safari out of my Dock.

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