iPhone Extreme

It looks like Tom at iPhoneBugList.com has unearthed a little nugget of gold. It could be a HTML programming error but we, of course, like to speculate that there is more. If you look at the source code of Apple’s iPhone Feedback Page, you’ll notice the term iPhone Extreme.

While "Extreme" is a tired name in the tech marketing world, Apple still has an affinity for it. You have to look no further than Apple’s Airport line to find the name denoting the latest and greatest iteration of the product.

It is probably just a coding error but at some point in the near future, there will be an upgraded iPhone.

So what would this iPhone have? Yep 16Gb Ram, 3G and maybe GPS?  Finally. All signs point to late-February to early May. Kinda early to be telling the HTML coders if you ask us.


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