Apple has a bender of a weekend selling two million copies of Leopard.  We can’t tell if this is a monstrous amount or just a lot but if you consider $100x2million = $200 million bucks, that’s a pretty good weekend.

Also – since Apple just had its first 2 million Mac sales quarter, this is a pretty impressive display of trust from its customers.  Both from a “users not pirating something that they can get for free” standpoint and from an EARLY adopter “trust that Leopard is a good piece of software at a great price” standpoint.  They didn’t even wait for the reviews!

Finally, note that every single copy sold was of the “Ultimate Edition” variety.

There is no word yet on breakdown but no doubt a lot of these licenses came with new machines.  Hardware demand has been pent up for quite awhile waiting for the new OS so we’ll be better able to see how this unfolds in the coming weeks.

Apple.  Nice job.

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