Some mysteries are hard to solve.  Some are easy.  The "will Rakatu VoIP service work on iPhone as the company states?" falls into the "easy" category.  The answer for the moment is NO.

How did we come to this conclusion so fast?  BECAUSE THEIR IPHONE PAGE IS IN FLASH.  We shit you not.  Take a look.

Someone didn’t do their homework – even a little bit – like testing it once.  Hope this doesn’t sour anyone to the VOIP thing.  It should be be done – it has to be done!! – and hopefully soon.

As for Raketu, Suggestion: go buy yourself an iPhone and give it a whirl before you release it on your site stating that it works.

UPDATE: We’ve gotten an email from the company pasted below.  They realized the error of their ways.  Still doesn’t work on iPhone however…

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