Of all of the exciting things rumored to be popping at Macworld in one week(!!), little has been mentioned about the likely updates to the Mac Pros.  Since Intel is already out of the bag with the new Penryn processors, a new 8-core Mac Pro seems all but certain.

But what other features will this thing have?  Some things to consider:

  • Faster, lower power Penryn chips (duh)
  • New enclosure, smaller/lighter?
  • Blu Ray (or less likely HD-DVD) burning capability
  • eSATA built in for fast external storage
  • Sick new video card options. Dualies? HDMI out?
  • New internal storage options?  RAID Standard?  More/bigger disks?

With the Penryns coming it’s also hard not to say an Xserve update is a lock as well.  While Apple may not give it time at the Macworld event, it wouldn’t make much sense to have the best server chips in the workstation line of machines.

Oh…and sorry for the lack of posts over the past week…there has been a lot of travelling happening both for getting home for the holidays and getting set for Macworld.  Add to that a hard drive crash and a lost but then returned laptop and you get no posts…we’ll try not to let it happen again.


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