iPod as seen from space

OK, we know astronauts like to take their iPods with them – the European Space Agency even launched an iPod playlist competition last year – but this picture’s interesting in a different way.

You see, what we have here is a picture of an iPod on the flight deck of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as photographed by the crew on board the International Space Station. To the left of the picture you can clearly see that tell-tale white iPod sitting on the flight deck. It’s the first time an iPod’s been photographed inside one space vehicle by someone in another.

On a tenuously related note, check out the internet clamor greeting the sale of the most expensive iPod shuffle ever seen. Auctioned by Norwegian jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl in a charity auction (to raise cash for the Soil Association), the £20,000 music player and earplugs are made of 18-carat white and pink gold and encrusted with 430 diamonds.

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