Kevin Rose of Diggnation/ and Pownce fame is predicting that the iPhone is getting a front camera for video conferencing.  He also "predicts" that it will go 3G in the coming months – never mind that both Steve Jobs and AT&T’s CEO have also confirmed a 2008 3G iPhone.

Keep in mind, Kevin Rose is 0 fer in iPhone predictions, previously predicting:

  • January 2007 launch on "all" providers, both CDMA and GSM (June 29th launch)
  • Extremely small form factor (not that small)
  • Two battery design (with single charger) — one for playing music, the other for phone functions (not even close)
  • Flash memory: 4GB for $249, 8GB for $449 (nope)
  • "Slide-out keyboard" (wha?)
  • Possibly touchscreen (can’t always be wrong?)

Needless to say, we wouldn’t bet the farm on this…sorry.


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