Apple is in great shape and wants its consumers to be too.  AppleInsider today is reporting on patent applications filed by Apple employees in regard to adding a regiment application to the iPod.  That news is excellent.  However a few other things may make this more interesting…

  • What if Apple used its iPod touch and iPhone as heart monitors?  Pehaps a device that plugs into the iPod that sells with the software system?  You could map your heart rate as part of the fitness regimine.
  • The GPS system could be used to gage your running and speed.  IF Apple adds GPS in June like Kevin Rose thinks, this would be cool both for running and biking
  • Bike users could also use the iPod/iPhone as a bike computer.  An adapter could come with the system that connects and calibrates to bike wheels
  • For gyms, Apple could sell a connector to gym equipment and marry exercise with gaming.  The Wii has started this off but imagine biking against your friends or against people you don’t know – like playing scrabble online.  Apple could then find the healthiest people in the world and have gaming contests.

All of this seems really plausible for us, how about you?


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