Here’s the story: four Italian students this weekend will take the iPhone SDK and begin a 36-hour marathon to develop an iPhone application. The four intrepid developers begin their experiment on Saturday, April 5 at 9am CET. The plan for this iTalian Job is that after 36 hours they will stop working and the software should be finished. 

Want more?

These iPhone-crazy developers want to give it up: the website will let you watch them working their socks off across the 36-hours, with a blog to let you know how it’s going. The story’s not quite finished yet. As far as we can tell from one of those comedic Google translations, the developers don’t even know what the application is they’ll be working on.  But that’s not the whole point, really, is it?  The point has to be – iPhone has become a meme.

We know the folks in Cupertino are enjoying a Karaoke session today. Why not? We hope they enjoy it. But when they wake up tomorrow, we’d like to think some of the Apple-staffers will take a moment to point their copy of Safari at what we, at 9 to 5 Mac are christining, the iTalian Job.

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