O2 to deep discount 3G iPhone

Yet more news this morning on the upcoming 3G iPhone, which Apple’s exclusive UK network O2 plans to sell at a discount price, with special upgrade deals for existing customers and more.  It’s the latest hot iPhone rumour to speculate upon Apple’s launch plans for the device, with Macworld UK claiming the product will cost £100 for a new customer agreeing an 18-month contract.

O2 is also predicted to be preparing to sell the iPhone in the UK to pay-as-you-go customers, who will have to pay £269 to get hold of the device. For well-heeled users, the company will offer a free iPhone to customers choosing the most expensive tariff. Even better, existing iPhone users will be offered a free upgrade to the new model.

It all sounds too good to be true to us, but that’s what the veteran Mac website is claiming, citing sources overheard in some bar.

We’ll know soon enough…


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