BGR (not to be confused with PBR) got the latest Blackberry leak on their iPhone kil..competitor.  Interesting timing.

It looks pretty similar to iPhone version 1 overall in form factor.  It has lots of buttons (see right) but most importantly, it runs the Blackberry software that millions of businesses have doing their enterprise email.  Us IT people aren’t known to like switching platforms very often so no matter how good or bad it is, it will get adopted in a lot of businesses.

If you’ve used an iPhone and a Blackberry, you know there is a world of difference in the details.  Web browsing for instance.

Here’s a typical scenario: A small business director asks his IT guy "why can’t we have an iPhone" (he just spent $20,000 on BBY infrastructure/clients and training).  IT Director: "Here!  Have a blackberry thunder, it is pretty much the same thing!"

Sorry to Mr. Small Business Director….

Speaking of drinks (PBR), does anyone else think the "blackberry thunder" sounds like a bad drink?  Maybe 2 parts blackberry schnapps and 1 shot of Rumpleminze?  OK, obviously the weekend is hitting.  Back to work!



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