A consortium of five companies have founded the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) to promote the deployment of Macs in the enterprise. 

The five founding companies include Centrify, LANrev, Atempo, GroupLogic, and Parallels, all of which already produce solutions to help integrate Macs into Windows-dominated enterprises.

The alliance will validate and promote the availability of solutions that make it easy to deploy, integrate and manage Macs using Microsoft Windows-based solutions.

“Interest in the Mac at large organizations is growing along with Apple’s market share,” said Bob O’Donnell, Vice President, IDC. “The challenge has been overcoming objections surrounding managing Macs within these corporate environments. Efforts that can make life easier for the IT professional and help the Mac become a more appealing and realistic alternative within the enterprise could help turn that interest into a stronger Mac presence.” 

EDA will be host a series of events, including webcasts and seminars, and will provide white papers, product information and other resources to help enterprise users make the move to Mac integration.

“The popularity of the Mac among corporate end-users does not mean that there have to be headaches for IT administrators,” said Peter Frankl, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of LANrev. “We are determined to help companies integrate Macs  into their enterprise environments by reducing total cost of ownership and increasing IT acceptance of Macs in the enterprise.” 

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