Looks like Apple’s already cooking-up a swift update for the iPhone 2.0 software it shipped Friday, with one report claiming to have seen website traffic requests emanating from systems that ID themselves as 2.0.1.

Sure, this isn’t hard and fast evidence, but what makes it even more interesting is that requests identified as coming from these purported patched ‘phones all seem to emanate from the area around Cupertino and Atlanta (Apple and AT&T HQ, respectively), at least that’s what the Boy Genius is saying.

It’s no act of faith to conceive Apple to be working on a software patch for the release. Given deployment across six million or more devices, widespread public use of the software is bound to generate a few addressable faults, And, with reports of failed OS 2 installs on iPod touch models and many user complaints that some first-gen iPhones have become more unstable since the install, Cupertino’s iPhone teams will be hustling to make good any damage, particularly as Apple’s newly-promoted senior VP iPhone Software Scott Forstall’s new position pretty much seems devoted to work to smooth over these post-release software cracks.

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