As a pilot that has been out of the loop for a few years, I have to say this one caught me by surprise.   I had no idea they’d be able to cram a full fledged flight sim onto the iPhone.  Bye bye $10 (iTunes link).

From Laminar Research:

X-Plane-iPhone is now here for iPhone and iPodTouch!
Go to iTunes, hit the HOME button, APP STORE, then then go to category GAMES, sub-category SIMULATIONS!
This is fun little mini-version of X-Plane that lets you fly 4 planes around the X-Plane demo area! The flight physics of the iPhone are actually about 95% as good as the physics in X-Plane, and the scenery is even pretty decent! You TILT the phone to fly! It is so cool that it is ridiculous.
X-Plane for iPhone is only $9.99, so grab it today … it is fun! Be sure to write a review if you like it!

(note: To fly it, simply click the brakes off, drag the throttle up on the left, and tilit the phone back to raise the nose when you have flying speed! Click around the center of the screen to invoke the view and settings controls.)

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