Apple has begun testing iPhone Software 2.2, releasing new beta software to its developers.Software packages for the iPhone SDK, first and second-generation iPhones and the iPod touch have been made available, as illustrated in this image from GearLive.

Apple is expected to introduce something closer to true ‘Push" email in this latest release, a sync feature the company declared the device offered for months before launch, backtracking only when users noticed the claim wasn’t completely true.

The wish list for other features within this release still includes must-have facilities such as copy-&-paste, tethering to get your Mac online and the capacity to send MMS messages. Many users would like to see Apple enable its device to capture video – a function the CCD inside the camera is perfectly well capable of.  But we ain’t holding out breath..What features would you like to see in iPhone 2.2?

Via: GearLive

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